‘Epiphany Moment’

l just wanted to share this moment with you all……

 There are such things as epiphany moments as I have just had one…. For most of my adult life after dropping out of the R. C. A to the utter dismay of my lecturers. I have been trying ever since  to get back on that same train again and again, only to find myself trying to climb a never ending greased pole. Obsessive as I am and defeatist I am not. Against all  odds, I still continued to pursue this thankless task, endlessly sliding up and down this oily pole. Then suddenly a few days ago I had an epiphany moment. This ethereal insight led me to a realization and to a decision. That I would no longer contact, chase or court the Art world anymore. Something had left me like a last breath……..

No more submissions to competitions or correspondence to the powers that be in the hope of a few crumbs of patronage for possible exhibitions or gallery support. From now on I will just do my work without expectation… Just explore my imagination in reclusive, artistic solitude. It may seem obvious or a simple realization, but thinking it and accepting it are two very different things. I am living it now, mind you it has taken me nearly 40 years to let go of the reins. Suddenly a great weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, stress who has been my constant companion for many a moon has suddenly moved on and found another fiend to tease and devour. Like a parasitic bloodsucking tick on the arse of cow, thankfully this jester has finally  jumped ship. This is my epiphany moment…..

 The Painter, M. Harrison-Priestman 2020

AKA the Baboon

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