My Philosophy

My painting projects are based on one form of visual problem solving or another.  I always begin with the main foundation stone of any creative realization that of drawing and in my classes the importance of Life Drawing will always be at the core of my teaching philosophy and practice.

Painting is not only just a solitary challenge, there is also a vital active interrelationship with all areas of visual expression;  and this is reflected in my approach to teaching painting in my university classes and workshops. My main teaching aim is for each participant to discover their own painterly voice, enabling them to develop their own sophisticated language and unique way of working. Each participant will start an exciting visual challenge, an exploratory investigation into the mysterious, psychological labyrinth of their own inner pictorial world. A philosophical and therapeutic internal journey into unfamiliar territory. Cleansing us of the on-going external pollution and confusion that daily surrounds, overwhelms, bombards and envelopes us all. Until a moment of personal meditative clarity is achieved or found. In essence, the search for pure energy without a sense of time, place, personality or ego; just the moment, thus confronting our own mortality. This is what I found in my work and my own ongoing, hermetic painting journey.


Photograph – Painting classes in Soho House Istanbul 2015.