‘BABOUINISM’ – Is a art movement founded by the Babouinist painter M. Harrison-Priestman that rejects current behaviour and trends in today’s artworld and the world generally. To join the Babouinists you must agree and abide by the forthcoming manifesto that will be published shortly.
Written and published by the artist M. Harrison-Priestman on the 19th December 2021.

Click to access Babouinist-Manifesto-2022-30-10-2022_revised-master-.pdf

RIP Mr. Charlie Watts

RIP Mr. Charlie Watts (1941-2021) condolences to all Mr. C. Watts family and the Rolling Stones – you done us proud and gave so much pleasure to us Brits and the world.

Digital portrait illustration by M. Harrison-Priestman using my finger on my laptop by M. Harrison-Priestman – 2021. ©harrisonpriestman.com